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Postcard number: 52
Bought at: Hampton Court Palace
Sent to: Sema in Turkey
Written and sent: 27 March 2012

Front of postcard 52: Ghost at Hampton Court Palace

Back of postcard 52: Ghost at Hampton Court PalaceText says:

27 March 2012, London UK

Dear Sema,

Since I moved to the UK I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the kings and queens of the Tudor period. This can, in part, be blamed on the TV series and the novels of Philippa Gregory; but it’s also a lot to do with our visits to the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and other historic sites in and around London.

Hampton Court Palace was originally built for Cardinal Worsley, but was passed to King Henry VIII when the cardinal fell out of favour. Catherine Howard, Henry’s fifth wife, was confined there for a few days after he was told of her affairs. Legend has it that she managed to escape from her guards for a few moments and run through the corridors of the palace, begging to speak to her husband. When we visited the palace, we were told that her ghost still haunted the Great Hall. Ghost or not, it’s easy to imagine the stories of kings and queens being played out in such places.

Sending best wishes from London,


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