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Postcard number: 029
Bought in: Clumber Park, United Kingdom
Sent to: Shivanee in Trindad and Tobago
Written and sent: 26 March 2010

Front of postcard 029: Clumber Park

Back of postcard 029: Clumber Park

Text says:

26 March 2010, London UK

Dear Shivanee,

Good morning from Great Britain! I brought this postcard on the way home from our recent trip to Northern England. We set out from Newcastle in the morning and stopped in the spa town of Harrogate for tea (and coffee and hot chocolate) and scones at Betty’s tearooms. The tearooms seemed very popular with people queuing to get in. Both ‘high tea’ and queuing seem particular British traditions. We had to book a couple of months in advance to be able to have high tea at the Ritz hotel last year.

Anyway, this postcard comes from our second stop: Clumber Park, a National Trust property near Sherwood Forest. My friends and I ate sandwiches(and I’m sure I remember more tea being consumed), bought postcards and plants from the giftshop, and walked down to the huge man-made lake, enjoying the company and the beginnings of Spring and the greenness and space of the country, and the beginnings of Spring, before getting back in the car and continuing our return to everyday life in the city of London.

Best wishes,


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