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Postcard number: 026
Bought in: Menton, France
Sent to: Jellie in The Netherlands
Written: 19 March 2010
Sent: 20 March 2010

Front of postcard 026: Menton, France

Back of postcard 026: Menton, France

Text says:

19 March 2010, London UK

Dear Jellie,


Right, that’s about the limit to my knowledge of the French language but I’ve still enjoyed several trips to the country across the Channel over the past three years.  This postcard comes from our honeymoon tour of Europe in late 2006.  We spent a couple of days in Southern France, taking in Nice, Monaco and Menton.  I added Menton to the itinerary because the iconic New Zealand short-story writer, Katherine Mansfield lived there in the 1920s – and other New Zealand writers continue to use her ‘Villa Isola Bella’ today.

In a moment of literary geekiness (of which I have many) I got my husband to take a picture of me outside the house.  I’m not much of a beach person (unless there’s a storm and crashing waves), but I’m sure I could get used to writing in some French cafe, drinking overpriced coffee and overlooking the Ligurian Sea!  It seems especially tempting during the cold winter months here in London.

Best wishes,


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Postcard number: 019
Bought at: Keukenhof, Holland
Sent to: Beatriz in Spain
Written and sent: 6 March 2010

Front of postcard 019: Keukenhof, Holland

Back of postcard 019: Keukenhof, Holland

Text says:

Dear Beatriz,

Until my wedding in September 2006, I’d never paid that much attention to flowers… although I’d always loved the white plum blossom which covered the trees on the orchard where I grew up.  In fact that was one of the reasons why I wanted to get married in Spring, and the blossom made a wonderful backdrop to our wedding pictures. Our guests also threw handfuls of blossom as we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife. However, beautiful as blossom is, it was never going to work for the bouquets, so I browsed around the internet for awhile and decided that I quite liked tulips.  So that’s what we had: tulips and white roses and chocolate-coloured flax.

Anyway, what this story is leading to is our trip to Holland in 2008.  My parents had told me about the ‘fields of colour’ they had seen by the roadside during their own trip there in the 1970s.  Unfortunately we were slightly too early to see the same thing – in fact even though it was Easter-time it was snowing!  However, we did go to the place on this postcard: the Keukenhof garden where I got to see as many varieties of tulips as I perhaps would ever want to in one lifetime, along with many other Spring blooms, windmills and some interesting outdoor art..  We took lots of photos of flowers, posed next to statues and wandered the paths through the tulips until it was time to return to the tour bus and head off somewhere else…

I hope you have a wonderful Spring over there in Spain,

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Postcard number: 012
Bought in: Zaanse Schans, Holland
Sent to: Lindsay in America
Written and sent: 23 February 2010

Front of postcard 012: Zaanse Schans, Holland

Back of postcard 012: Zaanse Schans, Holland

Text says:

23 February 2010, London UK

Dear Lindsay,

Over the 2008 Easter holidays, my husband and I joined an organised tour travelling from Londn to Belgium and the Netherlands.  It was four days of catching ferries (and missing ferries), long bus trips, fruit-flavoured beer and waffles with chocolate sauce, sleeping on a barge in Amsterdam habour, wandering along the canals, queuing for the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, tulip fields, snow and the place shown on this postcard, Zaanse Schans.  Zaanse Schans is a Dutch village, kept ‘traditional’ for the tourists, where we found plenty of windmills and cheeses, and a workshop with clogs of all sizes and colours lining the walls. It was so cold that day that we spent quite a bit of time in the restaurant, sharing a super-large pancake and waiting for the warm tour bus to return!

Best wishes,

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