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Postcard number: 60
Bought in: The New Forest, UK
Sent to: Foong Yi in Singapore
Written: 20 August 2013
Sent: 20 August 2013

Front of postcard 60: The New Forest

Back of postcard 60: The New Forest
Text says:

20 August 2013, London UK

Dear Foong Yi,

I’m pretty sure I bought this postcard during our long weekend of camping in The New Forest, back in 2010. It’s always a refreshing and a somewhat surprising experience to get out of London, away from built up suburban streets, tubes, buses and shopping malls, and into the English countryside.

The first time my husband and I travelled out of London – to Salisbury on the train – I couldn’t get over the difference. Suddenly there were green fields, little villages, houses with thatched roofs. This was much more like the England of my childhood storybooks and TV shows like ‘Postman Pat’.

The New Forest is a large National Park in Southern England, and there’s about 3000 wild ponies roaming free in the area. It’s lovely to watch them from a distance, but some don’t seem too friendly up close!



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From Christina

I’ve visited Singapore Airport a couple of times, in transit between the UK and New Zealand, but I’ve never been able to explore the city. One day, I’d like to stay longer though, and visit some of the attractions that Christina’s mentioned on this postcard, such as the Singapore Flyer and Universal Studios. She writes that it can be hard to relax in this city, with its dazzling lights, but that she’s recently managed to find some quieter places to get away from it all.

Postcard from Christina in Singapore

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Postcard number: 030
Bought at: Miramare Castle, Italy
Sent to: Christina in Singapore
Written and sent: 27 March 2010

Front of postcard 030: Miramare Castle, Italy

Back of postcard 030: Miramare Castle, Italy

Text says:

27 March 2010, London UK

Dear Christina,

Postcard #30 of the Postcardia project was bought in August 2008 at Miramare Castle in Northern Italy. I’d flown into Trieste airport on earlier in the day, and met up with one of my dear friends and penpals, her husband and her sister. On the drive back to her hometown, we stopped here at the castle and wandered through its lavishly decorated rooms and landscaped gardens. This would’ve been such an amazing place to live! I loved the location, looking out over the Adriatic Sea. These days it’s a tourist attraction, with a cafe where we chatted and caught up over ice creams and iced tea. This is one of those places I wouldn’t have discovered without friends from that country, and I felt very grateful both for their company and the chance to explore such a beautiful and historically significant place.

I hope all is well over there in Singapore.

Best wishes,

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