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Postcard number: 68
Bought in: Bristol, UK
Sent to: Magda in Poland
Written: 5 January 2016
Sent: 5 January 2016



Text says:

5 January 2016, Geelong Australia

Dear Magda,

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings many good things your way.

I’ve finally located my collection of postcards in the boxes we sent across from England last year, and decided to send this one that I bought when we visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol at the end of 2014. We were travelling back from our Christmas holiday in Wales, and already my mind was jumping forward to our own move to Australia in the months ahead. So it seemed particularly appropriate to visit this huge historic ship that carried so many emigrants from the UK to Australia back in the 1800s. How brave those early settlers must have been – to set off on a journey across the world, taking so many months. It was hard enough back then to contemplate moving our family of four from England to Australia on an aeroplane! But here we are, with hopefully many more travelling adventures ahead of us in the years to come.

All the best,


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Postcard number: 047
Bought at: Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany
Sent to: Agnieszka and Szymon in Poland
Written: 16 February 2012
Sent: 17 February 2012

Front of postcard 047: Castle Neuschwanstein

Back of postcard 047: Castle Neuschwanstein

Text says:

16 February 2012, London UK

Dear Agnieszka and Szymon,

Since your wedding is coming up soon, I thought I’d send you a postcard that I bought on my own honeymoon back in 2006. My husband and I were married in New Zealand on the 16th of September, and five days later we left for Europe. We spent just over two months travelling around Greece, Italy, France and Germany, before arriving in the UK – where we’ve lived ever since!  It’s been such an adventure, and I feel so lucky to have had my husband by my side through it all, to share the sights and the memories of all the places we’ve visited.

With this postcard comes my very best wishes to both of you, for your wedding day and your future together.


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From Gosia

Early this morning, the postman knocked on our door to deliver my Society of Author’s magazine, a package of Easter treats from my parents in New Zealand and this brightly coloured postcard from Gosia showing views of some of the cities in Poland.  What a wonderful start to my weekend!

Front of postcard from Gosia in Poland

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Postcard number: 027
Bought in: Carlisle, United Kingdom
Sent to: Paulina in Poland
Written and sent: 20 March 2010

Front of postcard 027: Hadrian's Wall, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 027: Hadrian's Wall, United Kingdom

Text says:

20 March 2010, London UK

Dear Paulina,

Last weekend, for our first holiday of 2010, we headed up north to Cumbria with a couple of my friends from work.  Earlier in the year, we’d found out about an event called ‘Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall’: on Saturday 13 March the route of Hadrian’s Wall was to be lit up by hundreds of volunteers with gas flames.  My friends applied to be volunteers and, although the didn’t get a place, we decided that this ‘line of light’ would be worth seeing anyway.

The wall originally stretched from the Tyne to the Cumbrian coast so there were plenty of potential viewing points.  After a bit of exploring, we chose a spot where we could stand on the remains of the wall and look out to Gisland.  As dusk began to fall, we saw the first lights appear on the horizon and, not long afterwards, we cheered as the nearest team of volunteers lit their own beacon.

You can see a helicopter view of the lights at www.illuminatinghadrianswall.com.  My friends, husband and I were waving at that helicopter.

All the best,

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Postcard number: 020
Bought in: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Sent to: Gosia in Poland
Written and sent: 6 March, 2010

Front of postcard 020: Tyneside, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 020: Tyneside, United Kingdom

Text says:

6 March 2010, London UK

Dear Gosia,

I’m feeling king of excited today after looking at the Tyneside bridges and buildings on this postcard.  I’ve been to Newcastle, home of the River Tyne, a couple of times for work.  I’ve walked up onto the Millennium Bridge and wrapped my arms around the feet of the Angel of the North (the large statue you can see in the centre).  On Friday this week, I’m heading north again, on a road trip with my husband and two of my friends.  We’re going to spend Friday and Saturday near Hadrian’s Wall, because on Saturday night there’s going to be an even which will create a ‘line of light’ from Wallsend in North Tyneside to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria, with hundreds of people holding torches spread out along the path of the wall.  It should be really spectacular!!  There are a lot of related events happening in the towns and villages near the wall as well.  Then we’re going to spend Sunday night in Newcastle, staying in a hotel near the river, before driving back to London on the Monday.  This will be my first trip since I started the Postcardia project – and perhaps a good excuse to buy more postcards!

All the best,

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Postcard number: 007
Bought in: Melbourne, Australia
Sent to: Patricia in Poland
Written and sent: 15 February 2010

Front of postcard 007: The Edge, Melbourne

Back of postcard 007: The Edge, Melbourne

Text says:

15 February 2010, London UK

Dear Patricia,

My husband is Australian, and in 2004-2005, before life and a love of travelling took us to other parts of the world, we lived together in Melbourne for about 10 months.  Melbourne’s a wonderfully vibrant city with its arts festivals and big sporting events (AFL games, Australian Open tennis and so on), its trams and its shopping.  Like any city, it’s also constantly changing – and those changes seem so much bigger when they occur during a period of absence. Apparently the construction of the Eureka Tower began in 2002, but I only really became aware of it when we returned to Melbourne on holiday last year.  My parents were visiting from New Zealand and together with them, we took the elevator up to the observation deck for a spectacular view over the city, river and sea.  Mum and I also had a go on ‘The Edge’ which is shown on this postcard.  It’s a glass box which propels you three metres out the side of the building, allowing you to look straight down at the city streets, cars and tiny people below  It wasn’t really all that scary, but of course, Mum and I put on our most terrified faces for all the photos and for the benefit of Dad and my husband who were watching from inside.  One day I’ll probably live in Australia, perhaps in Melbourne, again.  I wonder what will have changed by then…

Best wishes,

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#1: Santorini to Poland

Postcard number: 001
Bought in: Santorini, Greece
Sent to: Natalia in Poland
Written: 9 February 2010
Posted: 10 February 2010

Front of postcard 001: Santorini

Back of postcard 001: Santorini

Text says:

9 February 2010 London UK

Dear Natalia,

As this is the first postcard of the Postcardia project, I thought I’d pick one which I bought at the beginning of this extended honeymoon which I find myself living in.  My husband & I married on September 16, 2006 and left for Europe on the 21st.  Indeed, when I was going through the postcards tonight I also found a card from the restaurant in Oia where we celebrated our “two week anniversary”.  Santorini has spectactular sunsets, and every evening hundreds of tourists descend on Oia hoping for the perfect photo – as did we.  It’s strange to think back to those days from this point and consider how little we knew about the highs and lows, the disappointments and dreams which lay ahead, and yet how confident we were that we had a strong base to grow from – as we did.  I remember Santorini as a place of donkey rides, windmills, volcanic islands and thermal mud, watching the Aussie Rules Grand Final early in the morning, watching the sun set and realising that we were a long way from home.  The bowl here on my coffee table is make of Santorini sand.  I hope this postcard finds you well. 

Best wishes,

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