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Postcard number: 73
Bought in: Winnipeg, Canada
Sent to: Jenni in Finland
Written: 3 January 2017
Sent: 4 January 2017



Text says:

3 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Jenni,

This postcard was bought in Winnipeg – around half-way through my epic train trip from Halifax to Vancouver in March and April 2003. I travelled for over a day on the train from Toronto to get there. It was half-way through the trip, but I was already running out of money. Looking back through my travel diary from those months, it seems that the highlights of Winnipeg were window shopping at the Forks Marketplace (shown on this postcard), watching ‘That 70s Show’ on TV at the hostel, walking along the riverbank, the kids section of the Science Centre, and visiting the Winnipeg Public library to use the free Internet terminals and read Anne of Green Gables novels.

I also remember needing a haircut in Winnipeg and being worried about how much I should leave as a tip when I was so short of cash. I didn’t record in my diary what I ended up tipping, but I did comment that my hair “now resembles the style it did in the mid-80s”.

I wrote that it was 18 degrees when I arrived in Winnipeg, which then seemed very hot after a winter working on a ski field. That, of course, seems cold compared to the summers in Australia where I live now.

Happy New Year to you. Hope it’s a good one!


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Postcard number: 72
Bought in: Dandenong Ranges, Australia
Sent to: Helena in Finland
Written: 3 January 2017
Sent: 4 January 2017


Text says:

3 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Helena,

Happy New Year!

Hope your 2017 has started off well! So far mine has been mainly spent unpacking and sorting through boxes from my childhood and early 20s, which have been stored since then by my parents. In doing so I’ve found a lot of old postcards, including this one of the Puffing Billy Railway which I bought in 2005.

I couldn’t actually remember doing this trip at first, but then, in an old wallet, I found a ticket with a picture of the train and the words: ‘Puffing Billy Railway: Luncheon Special Light Hamper Adult, $52.00’. I think it must have been a belated birthday outing for me, a last road trip from Melbourne before beginning my postgraduate studies in Wellington, NZ.

The date on the ticket would, nine years later, become the birth date of my son. This year (totally by coincidence as I booked before finding this ticket) we’re planning to celebrate his third birthday by taking the family on a train trip as well.

Wishing you all the very best,

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Postcard number: 039
Bought in: Brighton, United Kingdom
Sent to: Mirva in Finland
Written and sent: 25 April 2010

Front of postcard 039: Brighton Pier, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 039: Brighton Pier, United Kingdom

Text says:

24 April 2010, London UK

Dear Mirva

Last weekend we went down to Brighton, on the south coast, to cheer on a friend who was running in the first ever Brighton Marathon.  I’d booked our train tickets back in February – and managed to lose them, which was totally frustrating – but once we got past that, it was a great weekend.  The sun was out and we spent the Saturday wandering through ‘The Lanes’, narrow streets full of independent shops, and had lunch on a picnic table by the sea.  We tried sitting on the beach for a while, but I’ll never get used to beaches which are covered in pebbles rather than sand.  That night, we met friends for dinner and then, as it was getting dark, walked down to the pier shown on this postcard.  We played arcade games for tickets, and exchanged those tickets for prizes (in our case, a sheet of stickers and a couple of rolls of wine gums – though we saw people there with enough tickets to exchange for computer games!).  On Sunday, it was the big race, and I cheered and clapped for hours, until my throat was sore and the sun had burnt my nose and it was time to head back to London.

I hope all is well over in Finland, and that this postcard isn’t too delayed by volcanic ash!


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From Sabrina

Well, mail prices may have gone up recently (67p to send an international postcard, rather than 62p!), but I was cheered up by this card from Sabrina in Finland.  There’s the bright Christmas lights of Tampere on the front, and bright stickers on the back.  Apparently it’s still snowing in Finland – hope it warms up soon!

Postcard from Sabrina in Finland

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Postcard number: 033
Bought at: Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia
Sent to: Sabrina in Finland
Written and sent: 5 April 2010

Front of postcard 033: Southern Hemisphere Towers

Back of postcard 033: Southern Hemisphere Towers

Text says:

5 April 2010, London UK

Dear Sabrina,

I bought this postcard at Eureka Tower in Melbourne this time last year – but what I really want to write about today is the tower on the right hand-side of the front of the card: the Sky Tower in my home city of Auckland, New Zealand. The Sky Tower, and its accompanying Sky City Casino, was built while I was at high school, and opened in 1997 to mixed reviews. It played a significant part of my young adult life, being the venue for several dates and important dinners, and a place where we’d often take overseas guests. There are glass sections in the floor of the observation deck, where you can look straight down to the street – and the more adventurous visitor can even jump off the side of the tower, attached to a wire (I never have!).

I actually lived across the road from the Sky Tower for a year or so while I was at university – and the lights from the tower would light up my bedroom as well. You can see the Sky Tower from many of the suburbs of Auckland. It’s not the most beautiful landmark perhaps, but it was iconic for the nearest city to where I grew up, and I miss the horizon that it’s a part of now that I’m living in the UK.

Best wishes,

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From Elina

This lovely postcard arrived through my door yesterday from Elina in Finland.  The picture on the front is by Finnish illustrator Virpi Pekkala.  On the back, in beautiful handwriting, Elina’s written a story about meeting Virpi and getting her signature on a birthday card for Elina’s mother

Front of postcard from Elina in Finland

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Postcard number: 005
Bought in: London, United Kingdon
Sent to: Päivi in Finland
Written: 13 February 2010
Sent: 14 February 2010

Front of postcard 005: London, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 005: London, United Kingdom

Text says:

13 February 2010, London UK

Dear Päivi,

Hello from London.  Your daughter, Elina, asked me to send you a postcard as part of my project to find new homes for all the spare postcards I bought during my travels.  I’m originally from New Zealand, but my husband and I have lived here in the UK since the end of 2006.  I miss our family and friends in New Zealand, the weather and the landscapes, but I like it here.  I like the red postboxes, and riding in the upper level of the red buses.  I like the theatre shows, the mix of cultures and how there’s always something going on. I used to work near the West End and walk past Big Ben and the London Eye between the train station and my office – dodging all the tourists taking photos of this famous site.  I’m watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver today, and looking forward to the London Games in 2012.

All the best,

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