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Postcard number: 78
Bought in: Montreal, Canada
Sent to: Tynesha in the USA
Written: 6 January 2017
Sent: 8 January 2017


Text says:

6 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Tynesha,

This postcard from Montreal has been sitting on top of the pile in my Postcardia Project box for the last few days, so I thought it was about time I found it a new home. I would’ve bought it in February 2003, during a short trip to Montreal with some friends from the Vermont ski-field where I was working at the time.

My lingering memories of Montreal are:

  1. Constantly slipping on the icy footpaths, and the steps that had almost turned into an ice slide as we climbed Mont Royal. Being from New Zealand and Australia, this was a new problem for us! I really appreciated the underground network of connected shops as a way of avoiding the freezing temperatures and ice outside.
  2. Having my wallet stolen out of my bag as I sat in a mall writing postcards. I didn’t notice anything until the mall’s security guards suddenly ran up to me, yelling in French – unfortunately I never got it back.
  3. After cashing more traveller’s cheques, buying a marked-down orange coat that I saw in a shop window and fell in love with. I was wearing that coat, later in the year and half a world away, on the weekend I met the boy who would become my husband. I have photos of me in that coat on my wedding day. I still have that coat today.

Wishing you all the best for 2017 and beyond,


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Postcard number: 76
Bought in: Jasper, Canada
Sent to: Cristina in Italy
Written: 5 January 2017
Sent: 6 January 2017



Text says:

5 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Cristina,

This postcard comes from my trip across Canada on the train in 2003. I was travelling alone, with a huge backpack, a roller bag and the ski gear I had accumulated during a season working on an American ski-field. I stayed in a hostel about 7km outside of Jasper township, paying $49 for two nights accommodation and a lift ticket for Marmot Basin in the Canadian Rockies.

It was April, which I guess was near the end of the ski season, but in my travel journal I wrote that it snowed the whole time I was there – resulting in fresh powder, but also poor visibility at the top of the mountain (which was pretty scary when I was skiing alone).

I always remember the sense of freedom that skiing gave me, the quiet of making my way down an empty trail, the excitement of challenging myself to do a black diamond run (even if I often ended up face-down in the snow). There’s not too many opportunities to ski in my life now, but it’s definitely something I’d like to to try again someday.

Happy New Year to you!

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Postcard number: 73
Bought in: Winnipeg, Canada
Sent to: Jenni in Finland
Written: 3 January 2017
Sent: 4 January 2017



Text says:

3 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Jenni,

This postcard was bought in Winnipeg – around half-way through my epic train trip from Halifax to Vancouver in March and April 2003. I travelled for over a day on the train from Toronto to get there. It was half-way through the trip, but I was already running out of money. Looking back through my travel diary from those months, it seems that the highlights of Winnipeg were window shopping at the Forks Marketplace (shown on this postcard), watching ‘That 70s Show’ on TV at the hostel, walking along the riverbank, the kids section of the Science Centre, and visiting the Winnipeg Public library to use the free Internet terminals and read Anne of Green Gables novels.

I also remember needing a haircut in Winnipeg and being worried about how much I should leave as a tip when I was so short of cash. I didn’t record in my diary what I ended up tipping, but I did comment that my hair “now resembles the style it did in the mid-80s”.

I wrote that it was 18 degrees when I arrived in Winnipeg, which then seemed very hot after a winter working on a ski field. That, of course, seems cold compared to the summers in Australia where I live now.

Happy New Year to you. Hope it’s a good one!

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Postcard number: 61
Bought at: Hever Castle, UK
Sent to: Julie in Canada
Written: 21 August 2013
Sent: 21 August 2013

Front of postcard 61: Hever Castle

Back of postcard 61: Hever Castle

Text says:

21 August 2013, London UK

Dear Julie,

Since moving to the UK in 2006, the Tudor period has become something of an obsession for me! I’ve watched so many television shows and movies and read so many novels set in that era, and tried to get to as many of the castles as possible.

This year my family and I finally got around to visiting Hever Castle, the childhood home of Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. It was an absolutely freezing day so we didn’t linger long in the gardens, and my two-year-old daughter’s patience only lasted for the first floor of the castle before my husband had to take her on ahead to watch the documentaries on TV. But still, it was wonderful to see the Tudor portraits up close and to walk through the rooms used by Anne, her family and the other occupants of the castle – some set up with Tudor-style furniture, others as they would’ve been in the centuries since.

All the best,

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Postcard number: 002
Bought in: Giverny, France
Sent to: Jenna in Canada
Written: 10 February 2010
Sent: 11 February 2010

Front of postcard 002: Monet's Garden, Giverny

Back of postcard 002: Monet's Garden, Giverny

Text says:

10 February 2010, London UK

Dear Jenna,

This postcard was bought on our trip to Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, last year.  I have to admit that, for most of my life, I associated the name ‘Monet’ with a cafe by that name in Auckland, New Zealand, not far from my high school.  The cafe was a favourite of my mum (for the huge Impressionist-style paintings on the wall) and me (for the delicious hot chocolates!).  However, travelling through Europe and America, I began to notice Monet painting after Money painting, haystacks and the Rouen Cathedral and the water lilies, so it was fascinating to visit the house and garden where Monet lived and worked.  If I was super-wealthy, I’d buy my mum a Monet original that she could hang on the wall of her lounge, but sadly all I could afford on this trip was a postcard for her and this spare which ended up on my postcard pile.  I hope it finds you well over there in Canada and that the rest of 2010 brings lots of good things your way.

Best wishes,

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