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Postcard number: 82
Bought in: Corowa, Australia
Sent to: Flave in India
Written: 17 April 2017
Sent: 18 April 2017



Text says:

 17 April 2017, Geelong

Dear Flave,

Greetings from Australia. My family and I have just this evening returned from our Easter weekend holiday in Corowa, a town near the border of two Australian states: New South Wales and Victoria. We stayed at a campsite near the Murray River, which you can see on this postcard. The weather was brilliant during the days, but got down to around 5 degrees overnight and I was so cold, even in a sleeping bag.

We filled our long weekend with markets, wineries, watching the Australian Billycart Championships, Easter egg hunts, golf (for my husband), walks along the river (for me), playgrounds and miniature train rides (for the children), toasting marshmallows on the campfire, setting up and packing up tents, and a long drive home today. It was lovely to have some time away with my family, but I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own warm and comfortable bed tonight!

Wishing you all the very best,


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Postcard number: 77
Bought in: Wellington, New Zealand
Sent to: Reuen in Taiwan
Written: 5 January 2017
Sent: 6 January 2017



Text says:

5 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Reuen,

Happy New Year! This postcard comes from a date with my then boyfriend (now husband) in September 2005. I hope I didn’t pay for it, as I’ve just noticed the back of the card is printed the wrong way up! Anyway, we were living in Wellington, New Zealand at that time, and got tickets to the World of Wearable Art Awards show. The outfits on show weren’t everyday wear, but rather beautiful and strange original creations, made of a variety of materials, showcased on stage with lights and music.

To be honest, I don’t remember many details of the show itself, but I do remember my Mum and Dad, who live at the other end of the North Island, were watching the live broadcast of the event and saw the two of us going in. They called me me on my mobile, and asked if we could to walk past the cameras again so that my grandparents could see us too.

Wellington was a great city for theatre, book launches and live events like this one. I really enjoyed my time in New Zealand’s capital.


PS Happy New Year! I hope 2017 brings lots of great things your way!

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Postcard number: 75
Bought in: New York, USA
Sent to: Olynovia in Indonesia
Written: 4 January 2017
Sent: 6 January 2017


Text says:

4 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Olynovia,

Happy New Year! I would’ve bought this postcard in New York at a similar time of the year in 2003, when I was working on a ski-field in Vermont and NYC was only a Greyhound Bus ride away. From memory, my travelling companions from the mountain and I didn’t make it onto the ice at the Rockefeller Centre, but I loved the lights and the energy of the city.

All I remember eating on that trip to New York was bagels from street vendors. Perhaps we did have other meals, but then again we were on such a budget that possibly that was all we did eat. Luckily there was a lot we could do for free or relatively cheaply: wandering through Times Square and down Wall Street, walking across Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the World Trade Centre site, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art…

Wishing you lots of amazing travel adventures!



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Postcard number: 74
Bought in: San Francisco, USA
Sent to: Sue in Malaysia
Written: 3 January 2017
Sent: 4 January 2017



Text says:

3 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Sue,

I found this postcard while going through a box of souvenirs and brochures from my choir tour to North America in 1998. I was still in high school then, so this is probably one of the oldest postcards I have in my collection. While I’d been to Australia as a child, this was my first Big Trip overseas, and I remember feeling so grown up sharing a hotel room with one of my friends in San Francisco.

According to the trip report I found in the same box, we only had two days here. I can’t remember everything we did, but the memories that stick are our choir performing at Grace Cathedral, riding on the trams, walking around Alcatraz and eating dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (a restaurant inspired by the movie Forrest Gump) – and trying to work out how much we should leave as a tip afterwards (as we’d never done this in New Zealand).

This was a trip that definitely made me want to travel more – and is probably in part responsible for all the country-hopping I did in my 20s!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

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Postcard number: 71
Bought in: Sydney, Australia
Sent to: Heimer in the Philippines
Written: 2 January 2017
Sent: 3 January 2017


Text says:

2 January 2017, Auckland

Dear Heimer,

Last week, I found this postcard with others I bought in 2006, in a box that my husband and I packed away when we left Wellington, before we headed off to Europe for almost nine years. I think the only time I would’ve visited Sydney in 2006 was in transit to Melbourne for a friend’s wedding, so I must have bought this postcard at the airport. However, I did live in Sydney for several months in 2003 and visited three times last year.

I love catching the train into the city in Sydney because of the views you get from the train windows of the beautiful harbour with its iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. When I worked in Sydney for a couple of months, I used to take the long way to my office on the train just so I could see those views – a highlight of my day before a rather dull shift in a call centre!

On one of my trips last year, I managed to find a spare hour to walk around the waterfront here, take photos, catch a few Pokemon (was obsessed with Pokemon Go at the time) and eat icecream.

Happy New Year to you,

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Postcard number: 67
Bought in: Geelong, Australia
Sent to: Nuii in Thailand
Written: 31 December 2015
Sent: 31 December 2015



Text says:

31 December 2015, Geelong Australia

Dear Nuii,

I was intending to send you a postcard from my travels in Europe, but unfortunately I can’t find any of those just now. They must be in one of the boxes that we sent from England before we moved – the ones that six months later we still haven’t unpacked.

So instead I’m sending you this one which I bought more recently and which shows our new hometown of Geelong.

The waterfront is definitely one of my favourite parts of this city, with its sculptures and its painted bollards, its cafes and Fish and Chip shops. Our children love the old-fashioned carousel inside the pavillion and the playground at Eastern Beach. Recently there’s been a large floating Christmas tree moored in the bay, which lights up in the evenings.

We’re still finding our feet here in Geelong, but looking forward to exploring the region more in the months and years to come.

Wishing you all the best for 2016!


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Postcard number: 63
Bought in: Houses of Parliament, UK
Sent to: Ni-San in Malaysia
Written: 22 August 2013
Sent: 22 August 2013

Front of postcard 63: Houses of Parliament

Back of postcard 63: Houses of Parliament

Text says:

22 August 2013, London UK

Dear Ni-San,

Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower at the UK Houses of Parliament) is definitely one of the most iconic London landmarks. My first fulltime job in London was in an office located a couple of streets away from here, and every day on the way to work, I’d be dodging other tourists who were trying to get the perfect photo.

Last year, my husband, daughter and I, as well as several other local residents, were taken on a tour of the Houses of Parliament by our MP. We were allowed into both the House of Commons (decorated in green) and the House of Lords (decorated in red), as well as the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft and the broom closet where suffragette Emily Davison hid on census night in 1911 so she could claim her address as being ‘the House of Commons’.

Our one-year-old got bored listening to the tour, so she and my husband waited for the rest of the tour party in the Central Lobby. While they were waiting, my daughter apparently took her first steps in that historic building – perhaps an indication that her future’s in politics!


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