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Postcard number: 63
Bought in: Bedford, UK
Sent to: Gerald in Germany
Written: 22 August 2013
Sent: 22 August 2013

Front of postcard 64: Bedford

Back of postcard 64: Bedford

Text says:

Dear Gerald,

This Bedford scene seemed an appropriate choice for today as tomorrow we’re going to the wedding of a friend who grew up in the area. In 2010 and 2012, he invited us to join him at the Bedford River Festival. The river festival runs over the length of the weekend, with parades in the town and on the river, boat races, stalls by local organisations, fairground rides, live music, food from around the world, historical re-enactments and fireworks.

It’s a really popular event, and can be crowded, which means long waits when you want to get over a bridge or pick up a ‘quick lunch’ from one of the food stalls. However, the atmosphere is relaxed and it’s a good opportunity to sit, chat and catch up, and appreciate life outside of London. The next festival’s in July 2014. I wonder if we’ll be able to attend…

All the best,


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Postcard number: 60
Bought in: The New Forest, UK
Sent to: Foong Yi in Singapore
Written: 20 August 2013
Sent: 20 August 2013

Front of postcard 60: The New Forest

Back of postcard 60: The New Forest
Text says:

20 August 2013, London UK

Dear Foong Yi,

I’m pretty sure I bought this postcard during our long weekend of camping in The New Forest, back in 2010. It’s always a refreshing and a somewhat surprising experience to get out of London, away from built up suburban streets, tubes, buses and shopping malls, and into the English countryside.

The first time my husband and I travelled out of London – to Salisbury on the train – I couldn’t get over the difference. Suddenly there were green fields, little villages, houses with thatched roofs. This was much more like the England of my childhood storybooks and TV shows like ‘Postman Pat’.

The New Forest is a large National Park in Southern England, and there’s about 3000 wild ponies roaming free in the area. It’s lovely to watch them from a distance, but some don’t seem too friendly up close!


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Postcard number: 59
Bought in: Carlisle, UK
Sent to: Shaliza in Malaysia
Written: 20 August 2013
Sent: 20 August 2013

Front of postcard 59: Carlisle Castle

Back of postcard 59: Carlisle Castle

Text says:

20 August 2013, London UK

Dear Shaliza,

Greetings from Great Britain. This postcard is one I bought on a road trip to the North of England with my two friends from work in 2010. This castle was one of the highlights of our time in Carlisle (along with a great second hand bookshop).

Carlisle Castle is close to the border between England and Scotland and its history is strongly linked to the rivalry between the two nations. Mary Queen of Scots was housed there in the 1500s and the castle was a significant site of conflict during the Civil War and Jacobite Uprisings.

We stood on the castle walls and looked out to Scotland, imagining all the people who’d done the same thing from this site in the many centuries before us.

All the best,

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Postcard number: 58
Bought in: St. Ives, UK
Sent to: Liane in Germany
Written: 19 August 2013
Sent: 19 August 2013

Front of postcard 58: St Ives

Back of postcard 58: St Ives

Text says:

19 August 2013, London UK

Dear Liane,

When I was little, I learnt a nursery rhyme which starts ‘When I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives…’ I’m not sure if this is the St. Ives from the rhyme, but I certainly couldn’t get it out of my head as we wandered through this seaside town back in 2010.

St. Ives is a very pretty town, with cobbled streets and lots of independent shops selling paintings and crafts. Up on the hill, we went to the Tate Gallery, for more artwork and coffee at their cafe… and being in Cornwall, we had to seek out a Cornish Pasty (a baked pastry that is usually filled with meat and/or vegetables).

I hope this postcard won’t take too long to find its way to its new home (and garden!) in Germany.

All the best,

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Postcard number: 56
Bought in: Cornwall, UK
Sent to: Anastasia in Russia
Written: 16 August 2013
Sent: 16 August 2013

Front of postcard 56: Dalek at Land's End

Back of postcard 56: Dalek at Land's End

Text says:

16 August 2013, London UK

Dear Anastasia,

Greetings from the UK, home of ‘Doctor Who’. My husband’s a big fan of the show, and we’ve definitely watched plenty of it while we’ve lived in this country: the weekly episodes, the Christmas specials, even the recent live announcement of Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor. We’ve been to Cardiff where the show is filmed, to a Dr Who exhibition and to the blue TARDIS phone box at Earl’s Court.

However, we haven’t actually seen the Land’s End signpost shown on this postcard. We set off to walk around the cliffs to it, back in September 2010, but I was about seven months pregnant and only made it up a couple of hills and around a couple of cliff faces before we headed back – thinking we’d visit Land’s End again soon enough. Almost three years later, we haven’t been back yet…

If only time travel was a possibility!

Best wishes

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Postcard number: 044
Bought at: Kensington Palace, London
Sent to: Michelle in Australia
Written and sent: 9 August, 2010

Front of postcard 044: Painting from Kensington Palace

Back of postcard 044: Painting from Kensington Palace

Text says:

9 August 2010, London UK

Dear Michelle,

Greetings from England! This postcard was bought during a very special London experience – a tour of Kensington Palace by its curator, Lucy Worsley. My husband entered a competition on Twitter, and as a result, we ended up being shown around the palace by Lucy and snacking on delicious cakes in the staff kitchen on one fairly windy Saturday back in June.

Lucy also showed us into the state apartment where Princess Margaret used to live, and which is currently a storage space for some of the museum’s collection. There, we got to see the actual dress that Queen Victoria wore on her accession day. It wasn’t white like the one in this painting, but rather black (and now kind of brown with age).

Best wishes,

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Postcard number: 042
Bought in: Morden Hall Park, United Kingdom
Sent to: Sue in America
Written and sent: 6 June, 2010

Front of postcard 42: Morden Hall Park, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 42: Morden Hall Park, United Kingdom

Text says:

6 June 2010, London UK

Dear Sue,

Greetings from London! The weather is definitely turning summery here. I even went out without a jacket or umbrella today. A couple of weeks ago, on a similarly warm day, my husband and I visited Morden Hall Park in South London. The park was originally estate land, with one of the earlier residents making their money from tobacco. There was a fair on that weekend, but having decided the entry fees were too high, we popped into a second hand bookshop on the grounds instead. There’s also a huge garden centre in the park, with all sorts of plants, landscaping supplies and fish – and a fairly average café selling burnt coffee and stale scones.

I really like the rivers here in London, the way they flow through suburbia and the green spaces around them. It very much reminds me of the creeks through the orchards at home in New Zealand.

Apparently there’s a festival happening along the River Wandle today. I might head out later to see what’s going on.

Best wishes,

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