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Postcard number: 65
Bought at: The Natural History Museum, London
Sent to: Martiina in Estonia
Written: 29 August 2013
Sent: 29 August 2013

Front of postcard 65: Wildlife photo from the Natural History Museum

Back of postcard 65: Wildlife photo from the Natural History Museum

Text says:

29 August 2013, London UK

Dear Martiina,

Greetings from London. I can’t believe I managed to find you a postcard with rabbits on it in my collection – I guess it’s a consequence of having so many cards stored up from the past few years!

On my honeymoon in 2006, we visited Paris, seeing the Louvre and Eiffel Tower and joining a rather terrifying (for me at least) night-time bicycle tour through the city streets. We took a train out to Disneyland Paris and loved the rides and the parades and the fact that the weather meant that the queues were fairly short. There were lots of tourists, lots of street sellers, but I don’t think we saw any rabbits. They don’t stand out in my memory anyway, not like the cats and dogs do for our time in Greece.

I did see this photo at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum back in 2011. My daughter was only three months old at the time and I couldn’t get too near the photos with her in the pram (it was so crowded that day!), but I do remember this picture of the rabbits and the streetlights standing out as one of my favourites.

All the best,

I didn’t accidentally run out of space for the address here – Martiina asked that I send her card in an envelope instead. She also said on her Postcrossing profile that she liked used stamps, so I sent her these ones that came from a Christmas package that my parents sent from New Zealand.

New Zealand Stamps


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Postcard number: 047
Bought at: Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany
Sent to: Agnieszka and Szymon in Poland
Written: 16 February 2012
Sent: 17 February 2012

Front of postcard 047: Castle Neuschwanstein

Back of postcard 047: Castle Neuschwanstein

Text says:

16 February 2012, London UK

Dear Agnieszka and Szymon,

Since your wedding is coming up soon, I thought I’d send you a postcard that I bought on my own honeymoon back in 2006. My husband and I were married in New Zealand on the 16th of September, and five days later we left for Europe. We spent just over two months travelling around Greece, Italy, France and Germany, before arriving in the UK – where we’ve lived ever since!  It’s been such an adventure, and I feel so lucky to have had my husband by my side through it all, to share the sights and the memories of all the places we’ve visited.

With this postcard comes my very best wishes to both of you, for your wedding day and your future together.


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Postcard number: 043
Bought in: Athens, Greece
Sent to: Tamara in America
Written and sent: 6 June 2010

Front of postcard 043: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece

Back of postcard 043: Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Greece

Text says:

6 June 2010, London UK

Dear Tamara,

This postcard shows one of the first places my husband and I visited during our honeymoon in 2006. We’d just arrived in Europe, and amongst the stray dogs and crowded streets of Athens, we came across the temple of Olympian Zeus. I’d studied classics at high school in New Zealand and had seen pictures of ancient ruins like this before, but pictures and stats on a page could never really do justice to the scale of these monuments. I could only look up and wonder if, had I seen the real things at the age of 17, my studies and subsequent career might have taken a different path…

Wishing you all the very best,

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Postcard number: 038
Bought in: Florence, Italy
Sent to: Sara in Italy
Written: 13 April 2010
Sent: 14 April 2010 (with a letter)

Front of postcard 038: Florence, Italy

Back of postcard 038: Florence, Italy

Text says:

13 April 2010, London UK

Dearest Sara,

Ciao bella!  It seems kind of strange for me to be sending a postcard from Italy back to Italy – but also quite appropriate for me to be sending this one to you.  After all, it wasn’t long after my first trip to Florence that we first met face-to-face in Venice.  October2006. Seems so long ago, but I’ve been thinking about Florence and Italy quite a bit recently after a visit to the V&A Museum at Easter.  There we foumd a couple of rooms full of plaster casts of European monuments: the doors from the baptistery from Florence, Trajan’s Column from Rome and even a full-sized copy of Michelangelo’s David.  We queued for hours to get in to see that at the Galleria dell’Accademia!

Still, I have very fond memories of Florence – staying in a hostel with messages from previous travellers written all over the walls, a day trip into the Tuscan hills where we learned to make different types of pasta, looking in the jewellery shop windows on the Ponte Vecchio, climbing the hill to look over the city and trying to speak Italian.

I certainly hope and I wish and I dream that I will visit Italy again one day.  It’s definitely one of my favourite places.  But for now, I shall have to content myself with sending postcards and letters to your part of the world, while occasionally visiting English museums and buying coffee at Cafe Nero… and trying to remember the taste of gelato!

Hugs and best wishes,

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Postcard number: 026
Bought in: Menton, France
Sent to: Jellie in The Netherlands
Written: 19 March 2010
Sent: 20 March 2010

Front of postcard 026: Menton, France

Back of postcard 026: Menton, France

Text says:

19 March 2010, London UK

Dear Jellie,


Right, that’s about the limit to my knowledge of the French language but I’ve still enjoyed several trips to the country across the Channel over the past three years.  This postcard comes from our honeymoon tour of Europe in late 2006.  We spent a couple of days in Southern France, taking in Nice, Monaco and Menton.  I added Menton to the itinerary because the iconic New Zealand short-story writer, Katherine Mansfield lived there in the 1920s – and other New Zealand writers continue to use her ‘Villa Isola Bella’ today.

In a moment of literary geekiness (of which I have many) I got my husband to take a picture of me outside the house.  I’m not much of a beach person (unless there’s a storm and crashing waves), but I’m sure I could get used to writing in some French cafe, drinking overpriced coffee and overlooking the Ligurian Sea!  It seems especially tempting during the cold winter months here in London.

Best wishes,

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Postcard number: 008
Bought in: Riomaggiore, Italy
Sent to: Carla in New Zealand
Written and sent: 16 February 2010

Front of postcard 008: Riomaggiore, Italy


Back of postcard 008: Riomaggiore, Italy

 Text says:

16 February 2010, London UK

Dear Carla,

Greetings and good morning to you from the other end of the earth!  This postcard is from one of my all-time favourite destinations: the village of Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre, Italy.  We’ve been there twice now (once on our honeymoon trip through Europe in 2006, and again with my family in 2008).  On both visits we’ve enjoyed staying in apartments above the sloping streets, hiking and catching the train between the five villages, swimming and kayaking, the views, the sunsets, eating pesto pizza, gelato, fresh pasta and seafood, and practising our very basic Italian (I got about as far as being able to buy five stamps from the post office!).  While it perhaps doesn’t have the impressive art and history that I’ve loved in other Italian towns, it’s a real escape from the city and city life, and a place which I don’t think I’d mind returning to again and again.  Do you have a place like that?

All the best,

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#1: Santorini to Poland

Postcard number: 001
Bought in: Santorini, Greece
Sent to: Natalia in Poland
Written: 9 February 2010
Posted: 10 February 2010

Front of postcard 001: Santorini

Back of postcard 001: Santorini

Text says:

9 February 2010 London UK

Dear Natalia,

As this is the first postcard of the Postcardia project, I thought I’d pick one which I bought at the beginning of this extended honeymoon which I find myself living in.  My husband & I married on September 16, 2006 and left for Europe on the 21st.  Indeed, when I was going through the postcards tonight I also found a card from the restaurant in Oia where we celebrated our “two week anniversary”.  Santorini has spectactular sunsets, and every evening hundreds of tourists descend on Oia hoping for the perfect photo – as did we.  It’s strange to think back to those days from this point and consider how little we knew about the highs and lows, the disappointments and dreams which lay ahead, and yet how confident we were that we had a strong base to grow from – as we did.  I remember Santorini as a place of donkey rides, windmills, volcanic islands and thermal mud, watching the Aussie Rules Grand Final early in the morning, watching the sun set and realising that we were a long way from home.  The bowl here on my coffee table is make of Santorini sand.  I hope this postcard finds you well. 

Best wishes,

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