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This postcard was sent by my lovely husband, during a recent work trip to San Francisco.  Of course, he made it back to the UK and back through our front door before the postcard did, but still, it’s the thought that counts.  He also picked up a couple of spare cards for the Postcardia project, which I can use to tell my own stories about visiting San Francisco.  If you’d like one, just send me your address on postcardia@hotmail.co.uk.

San Francisco trams 


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From Christina

I’ve visited Singapore Airport a couple of times, in transit between the UK and New Zealand, but I’ve never been able to explore the city. One day, I’d like to stay longer though, and visit some of the attractions that Christina’s mentioned on this postcard, such as the Singapore Flyer and Universal Studios. She writes that it can be hard to relax in this city, with its dazzling lights, but that she’s recently managed to find some quieter places to get away from it all.

Postcard from Christina in Singapore

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From Vania

This cute kangaroo arrived as a set of puzzle pieces in an envelope, sent by Vania in Australia.  You’d need steadier hands than I have to do the puzzle properly, but I don’t think the attempt below is too bad – and it certainly brightened up my Saturday morning.

Puzzle postcard from Vania in Australia

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From Mariana

It’s been a great couple of weeks for mail, with postcards arriving through the door from all parts of the world including a couple of blank ones as part of Bonnie Jeanne’s Orphaned Postcard Project.

I also received the postcard below from Mariana in America.  The photo here probably isn’t the best, but the front shows a man and a women holding up a sign of a man holding up a sign saying ‘Pot is fun’.  Mariana writes that that is ‘what a lot of people think of when they think of Cali – of course along with surf and endless sun’.

We could do with some of that Californian sun here in London today!

Postcard from Mariana in America

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From Gosia

Early this morning, the postman knocked on our door to deliver my Society of Author’s magazine, a package of Easter treats from my parents in New Zealand and this brightly coloured postcard from Gosia showing views of some of the cities in Poland.  What a wonderful start to my weekend!

Front of postcard from Gosia in Poland

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From Barbara

Here’s another postcard which arrived this week, with musical notes and thoughts of Spring from Barbara, my epal in Germany.   After taking pictures of these postcards I’m putting them up on the pin-board in my kitchen so I can see all the lovely images as I go about the usual household chores.

Front of a postcard from Barbara in Germany

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From Sajida

I came home from work today to a whole pile of mail.  Sadly, most of it was bank statements and bills, but I smiled to see this postcard from Sajida showing Putrajaya in Malaysia.  On the back, Sajida’s written that this is the first postcard she’s sent to a friend overseas – so I feel very lucky to have received it through my door!

Front of postcard showing Putrajaya in Malaysia

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