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Postcard number: 69
Bought in: Bluestone, UK
Sent to: Andreia in Portugal
Written: 11 January 2016
Sent: 12 January 2016



Text says:

11 January 2016, Geelong

Dear Andreia,

Hello from Australia and happy New Year to you.

Going through my postcard collection this evening, I found this one from the holiday resort where we stayed for Christmas in 2014. Our last British Christmas was spent in one of these cabins at Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It wasn’t a white Christmas but it was quite a bit colder than the 34 degree day we had here in Australia this year! (Or last year :))

My in-laws had flown over for the holidays. We collected them from Heathrow and drove on to Wales. Over the next few days we explored the resort, with its walks and restaurants, spa and large indoor swimming pool, as well as driving out to Pembroke Castle. If I hadn’t been travelling with a four-year-old and an eleven-month-old, I could have definitely spent more time at the castle, learning about the history of the site which stretches back almost a thousand years.

I would have liked to visit Pembrokeshire again in the summer, but we were out of time. After almost nine years overseas, we moved back to Australia last July. I’m hoping that we’ll be back in Wales for a holiday one day.



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Postcard number: 68
Bought in: Bristol, UK
Sent to: Magda in Poland
Written: 5 January 2016
Sent: 5 January 2016



Text says:

5 January 2016, Geelong Australia

Dear Magda,

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 brings many good things your way.

I’ve finally located my collection of postcards in the boxes we sent across from England last year, and decided to send this one that I bought when we visited the SS Great Britain in Bristol at the end of 2014. We were travelling back from our Christmas holiday in Wales, and already my mind was jumping forward to our own move to Australia in the months ahead. So it seemed particularly appropriate to visit this huge historic ship that carried so many emigrants from the UK to Australia back in the 1800s. How brave those early settlers must have been – to set off on a journey across the world, taking so many months. It was hard enough back then to contemplate moving our family of four from England to Australia on an aeroplane! But here we are, with hopefully many more travelling adventures ahead of us in the years to come.

All the best,

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