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Postcard number: 044
Bought at: Kensington Palace, London
Sent to: Michelle in Australia
Written and sent: 9 August, 2010

Front of postcard 044: Painting from Kensington Palace

Back of postcard 044: Painting from Kensington Palace

Text says:

9 August 2010, London UK

Dear Michelle,

Greetings from England! This postcard was bought during a very special London experience – a tour of Kensington Palace by its curator, Lucy Worsley. My husband entered a competition on Twitter, and as a result, we ended up being shown around the palace by Lucy and snacking on delicious cakes in the staff kitchen on one fairly windy Saturday back in June.

Lucy also showed us into the state apartment where Princess Margaret used to live, and which is currently a storage space for some of the museum’s collection. There, we got to see the actual dress that Queen Victoria wore on her accession day. It wasn’t white like the one in this painting, but rather black (and now kind of brown with age).

Best wishes,


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