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Postcard number: 040
Bought in: Kilmahog, Scotland
Sent to: Audrey in Malaysia
Written and sent: 25 April 2010

Front of postcard 040: Hamish the Highland Coo

Back of postcard 040: Hamish the Highland Coo

Text says:

25 April 2010, London UK

Dear Audrey,

Greetings from me and from Hamish, the hairy Highland ‘coo’ who you can see on the front of the postcard.  I actually met Hamish during our trip to the Scottish Highlands at the end of 2008, when our tour bus stopped off at Trossachs Woollen Mill in Kilmahog.  I was surprised by the size of Hamish – and particularly the size of his horns.  He seemed friendly enough and stood placidly as we took photos of him, but I was glad there was a fence between us!

On Christmas morning, we were at Loch Ness and some of the braver members of the tour group went for a mid-winter swim.  We didn’t see the legendary Loch Ness Monster, but our bus was held up by a flock of sheep who had wandered out onto the road.

Best wishes,


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