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Postcard number: 039
Bought in: Brighton, United Kingdom
Sent to: Mirva in Finland
Written and sent: 25 April 2010

Front of postcard 039: Brighton Pier, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 039: Brighton Pier, United Kingdom

Text says:

24 April 2010, London UK

Dear Mirva

Last weekend we went down to Brighton, on the south coast, to cheer on a friend who was running in the first ever Brighton Marathon.  I’d booked our train tickets back in February – and managed to lose them, which was totally frustrating – but once we got past that, it was a great weekend.  The sun was out and we spent the Saturday wandering through ‘The Lanes’, narrow streets full of independent shops, and had lunch on a picnic table by the sea.  We tried sitting on the beach for a while, but I’ll never get used to beaches which are covered in pebbles rather than sand.  That night, we met friends for dinner and then, as it was getting dark, walked down to the pier shown on this postcard.  We played arcade games for tickets, and exchanged those tickets for prizes (in our case, a sheet of stickers and a couple of rolls of wine gums – though we saw people there with enough tickets to exchange for computer games!).  On Sunday, it was the big race, and I cheered and clapped for hours, until my throat was sore and the sun had burnt my nose and it was time to head back to London.

I hope all is well over in Finland, and that this postcard isn’t too delayed by volcanic ash!


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From Christina

I’ve visited Singapore Airport a couple of times, in transit between the UK and New Zealand, but I’ve never been able to explore the city. One day, I’d like to stay longer though, and visit some of the attractions that Christina’s mentioned on this postcard, such as the Singapore Flyer and Universal Studios. She writes that it can be hard to relax in this city, with its dazzling lights, but that she’s recently managed to find some quieter places to get away from it all.

Postcard from Christina in Singapore

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From Vania

This cute kangaroo arrived as a set of puzzle pieces in an envelope, sent by Vania in Australia.  You’d need steadier hands than I have to do the puzzle properly, but I don’t think the attempt below is too bad – and it certainly brightened up my Saturday morning.

Puzzle postcard from Vania in Australia

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Postcard number: 038
Bought in: Florence, Italy
Sent to: Sara in Italy
Written: 13 April 2010
Sent: 14 April 2010 (with a letter)

Front of postcard 038: Florence, Italy

Back of postcard 038: Florence, Italy

Text says:

13 April 2010, London UK

Dearest Sara,

Ciao bella!  It seems kind of strange for me to be sending a postcard from Italy back to Italy – but also quite appropriate for me to be sending this one to you.  After all, it wasn’t long after my first trip to Florence that we first met face-to-face in Venice.  October2006. Seems so long ago, but I’ve been thinking about Florence and Italy quite a bit recently after a visit to the V&A Museum at Easter.  There we foumd a couple of rooms full of plaster casts of European monuments: the doors from the baptistery from Florence, Trajan’s Column from Rome and even a full-sized copy of Michelangelo’s David.  We queued for hours to get in to see that at the Galleria dell’Accademia!

Still, I have very fond memories of Florence – staying in a hostel with messages from previous travellers written all over the walls, a day trip into the Tuscan hills where we learned to make different types of pasta, looking in the jewellery shop windows on the Ponte Vecchio, climbing the hill to look over the city and trying to speak Italian.

I certainly hope and I wish and I dream that I will visit Italy again one day.  It’s definitely one of my favourite places.  But for now, I shall have to content myself with sending postcards and letters to your part of the world, while occasionally visiting English museums and buying coffee at Cafe Nero… and trying to remember the taste of gelato!

Hugs and best wishes,

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Postcard number: 037
Bought at: Carlisle Castle, United Kingdom
Sent to: Yoshimi in Japan
Written and sent: 13 April 2010

Front of postcard 037: Carlisle Castle, United Kingdom

Back of postcard 037: Carlisle Castle, United Kingdom

Text says:

13 April 2010, London UK

Dear Yoshimi,

Warm greetings from London!  I bought this postcard last month on a trip to Norther England with my husband and two of our friends.  We drove to Carlisle on the Saturday morning and our first stop was the Castle.  Perhaps due to the fact that it’s so close to the border between England and Scotland, Carlisle Castle was an active fortress for centuries – Mary Queen of Scots was even imprisoned here in 1568.

Today it’s a tourist attraction, owned by English Heritage, with lots of displays and models showing the history of the castle and the town.  We climbed the stairs to the castle walls (where a sudden gust of wind blew our tickets over the side and down to the moat below – oops!) and also went down into the dark basement where prisoners used to lick the stone walls for moisture.  Luckily we didn’t have to do that – there was a cafe across the road where we had tea and cakes instead.

Another highlight of Carlisle was Bookcase: quite possibly the best secondhand bookshop I’ve been to in the UK, with room after room and floor after floor of books – a real treat for a bookworm like me!


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From Sabrina

Well, mail prices may have gone up recently (67p to send an international postcard, rather than 62p!), but I was cheered up by this card from Sabrina in Finland.  There’s the bright Christmas lights of Tampere on the front, and bright stickers on the back.  Apparently it’s still snowing in Finland – hope it warms up soon!

Postcard from Sabrina in Finland

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Postcard number: 036
Bought in: Durham, United Kingdom
Sent to: Chan in India
Written: 11 April 2010
Sent: 12 April 2010

Front of postcard 036: Durham Cathedral

Back of postcard 036: Durham Cathedral

Text says:

11 April 2010, London UK

Dear Chan,

Greetings and good evening from London! This postcard is from Durham Cathedral, which my husband and I visited in 2008. I had to be in Newcastle on the Monday for work, so we spent the weekend before exploring some of the other northern cities. I actually wish that this postcard showed the outside of Durham Cathedral, because it’s one of the most beautiful sights – the towers rising up above the trees and the bridges and the River Wear. I look out for that view every time I go past Durham on the train. However, the inside of the Cathedral was interesting too, with its high vaulted ceiling, stained glass windows, ancient and modern artworks and the clock shown on the postcard.

According to articles I’ve read online the Cathedral was used in 1650 as a makeshift prison to hold Scottish prisoners of war. They destroyed most of the Cathedral’s wooden furnishings – but apparently spared the clock because of its prominent thistle (a Scottish emblem).

All the best,

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